Our team

Expertise, methodology, collaboration, delivering results

Our consultants do everything to meet your needs and your expectations and support you throughout your projects.

Regulation Partners teams are cross-functional and work together in order to provide the most complete answer.

  • Valérie

    Administrative and financial director

  • Odile


  • Olivier

    Consultant Manager

  • Benjamin

    Consultant Manager

  • Benoît

    Consultant Manager

  • Fisal

    Senior Consultant

  • Kérame Consultant Manager

  • Fagueye Human resources assistant

  • Kléa Human resources assistant

  • Béatrice Vedrenne-Robson Associate

  • Bruno Senior Manager

  • Claire Senior Manager

  • Meriam Senior Manager

  • Jean-Christophe Senior Manager

  • Evelyne Consultant Manager

  • Faten Senior Consultant

  • Agathe Senior Consultant

  • Shana Senior Consultant

  • Luc Senior Consultant

  • Georges-Anthony Consultant

  • Mariame Consultant

  • Emilie Compliance analyst

  • Pavlos Compliance analyst

  • Aymeric communications manager

  • Romain System and network administrator

  • Loan Web developer

  • Théo Web developer

  • Minh Data Scientist

  • Duc Data Scientist

  • Alfonso Data Scientist

  • Clément Data Scientist

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